"Beyond Medals"

"Beyond Medals" - a movie that the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia has given a recommendation for displaying in schools and and high education institutions (universities),  considering that the film, both in its content and artistic approach, contributes to the understanding and awareness of young people in relation to persons with disabilities and sports, continues to perform successfully at home and abroad.


“I want, I can, I know” – he said when he was 4 years old and forever marked by polio.

Mihovil Španja is today - with 26 medals won at world and European championships, as well as the Paralympics - the most decorated athlete in the history of Croatia. This is first and foremost his story – from early childhood to the present time where he shares his thoughts on the time passed but also his concerns about daily life, politics, sports, family and other values in which he believes.


Apart from Mihovil and his closest family members and coach Dean Kontić, the film also presents prof.dr. Mirjana Krizmanić, a psychologist whose life, similar to Mihovil, was marked by the polio  and Mrs. Ana Sršen, the multiple World and European Champion and the first Croatian top athlete with disabilities.


“Beyond Medals” shows a very personal destiny and story of growing up and maturing in a way that every viewer can identify and experience as his own.



A story of fighting, strength, faith, and top sports that you have never seen before!


A story that inspires!




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