Dubrovnik - Walls of our Past

Original title: Dubrovnik – murar av vår förflutna

“Vi lever – allt annat är lyx”


In October 1991 international opinion was aroused by the long siege of the medieval city of Dubrovnik by the Yugoslavian army. But when the enemy was forced to retreat the city disappeared behind a wall of indifference.


Although Antonia D. Carnerud has lived half her life abroad, she has her family roots in a village just north of Dubrovnik. Her closest relatives still live in and around this war-torn city.  In the summer of 1993 she traveled to Dubrovnik with a film crew to find out what happened to her family and how she herself had been changed by the war, having only experienced it at a distance.


Thus, the film is not merely a portrait of a city and its people during war, it is also a journey through the Europe of our time, with its increasingly insistent questions about identity and alienation -- and also a deeply personal homecoming. Or, as she herself expresses it: "My brother Mario and I... A divorce, our parents', forced us apart. Another divorce, Europe's, brought us together."


Genre: Documentary     Running time: 60‘     Ratio: 4:3

Original version (Croatian dialogue, Swedish narration) with ENGLISH subtitles

A film by    Antonia Dubravka Carnerud

Director of photography:  Fedor Vučemilović

Editor:    Antonia D. Carnerud

Narration written by:  Per Svensson

1st assistant director:  Rajko Radovanović

Sound mixer:   Dražen Šimić

Location manager:  Tena Perišin

Original music:    Davor Kajfeš

Trumpet solo:   Goran Kajfeš

Other music:   ZELENCI - Buco & Srđan (Lj. Pende - S. Gjivoje)

Advisers:   Marianne Ahrne, Tytti Soila

Mixing:    Roland Boon - RTBF

On-line editing:   Vincent Gustin – RTBF, Florence Lombaerts - RTBF

Laboratory:   FILM TEKNIK Stockholm

Financed by:    Svenska Filminstitutet, Sweden, SVT - Kanal 1 Dokumentär, Sweden,
RTBF - Unité Documentaire Traces, Belgium

With the support of:  DOCUMENTARY, MEDIA, European Communities

Produced by:    ADC Sweet Movie, Sweden © 1994

International distribution/sales: Croatian Film Ltd.

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